Vision Area 1: Infrastructure as a Utility to Every Citizen

    • High speed internet as a core utility
    • Cradle to grave digital identity -unique, lifelong, online, authenticable
    • Mobile phone & Bank account enabling participation in digital & financial space
    • Easy access to a Common Service Centre
    • Shareable private space on a public cloud
    • Shareable private space on a public cloudSafe and secure Cyber-space

Vision Area 2: Governance & Services On Demand

    • Seamlessly integrated across departments or jurisdictions
    • Services available in real time from online &mobile platform
    • All citizen entitlements to be available on the cloud
    • Services digitally transformed for improving Ease of Doing Business
    • Making financial transactions electronic & cashless
    • Leveraging GIS for decision support systems & development

Vision Area 3: Digital Empowerment of Citizens

    • Universal Digital Literacy
    • Universally accessible digital resources
    • All documents/ certificates to be available on cloud
    • Availability of digital resources / services in Indian languages
    • Collaborative digital platforms for participative governance
    • Portability of all entitlements through cloud